A feast for the senses

With its extraordinary natural beauty and vibrant, exciting culture, Rio de Janeiro has always fascinated travellers. Scott Podmore discovers all this exciting city has to offer.

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What are the chances?

Have you seen the new RAC Roadside Assistance television commercials, which shows that car breakdowns happen more often than you think?

New car review: 2014 Renault Megane

A good-sized gap can be a good thing, such as when you’re behind another car on the freeway, or if you’re wearing the yellow jersey in the Tour de France, or you’re a dentally-challenged supermodel. 

  • RAC celebrates 10 years of servicing Perth cars.
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    Celebrating 10 years of car servicing with free car safety checks

Celebrating 10 years of car servicing with free car safety checks

2014 marks a decade since RAC Auto Services began operating in Perth. The service was launched to provide Perth motorists with trusted car servicing staffed by highly skilled Mechanics, and to ensure high safety standards were maintained in all cars serviced.

Cover your home improvements

If you carried out any home improvements recently it’s important to consider the extra value you may have added to your home and how it may affect your home insurance policy.

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