Top 10 tips for protecting your home this Easter

When it’s coming up to Easter one thing often comes to mind – planning a family getaway or day trips around WA. Before you head away this break remember these top tips to ensure you come back to your home exactly as you left it.

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A journey through the Canadian Rockies

A journey through the heart of the Canadian Rockies is an adventure that appears on most travellers bucket list. RAC Travel Insurance & Tourism Team Leader Richard Taylor was lucky enough to discover the pristine emerald Lake Louise, Jasper’s icefields, travel on the infamous Rocky Mountaineer, explore exciting Vancouver & Victoria Island and magnificent Whistler & Calgary all thanks to Travelmarvel.

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Wheatbelt war history – two personal stories

In the April/May 2015 issue of Horizons magazine we featured a story about touring the Wheatbelt’s war history sites. Below are two stories from members recalling their stories of wartime in the Wheatbelt.

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New car review: BMW X6 M50d

You can’t ignore the styling of the BMW X6 M50d.

In fact, not mentioning its appearance first in this story would be like walking into the kitchen, seeing an elephant in the corner wearing a pink tutu while standing on its head, then turning around and making a cup of tea. 

On the road to better cycling infrastructure

Cycling is becoming more and more popular for commuting and leisure trips in Western Australia.  In 2013, 405,000 of us cycled each week in WA according to the Australian Cycling Participation Survey.

Every cycle trip we make involves riding on the road for some part, even if just to reach a shared path.  While we may be comfortable cycling on some roads without the need for cycle lanes and other facilities, it can sometimes be intimidating cycling amongst cars and other vehicles.  As a result we may seek to avoid certain roads as much as possible, using alternative routes when we have the opportunity, and in some cases it can put us off cycling altogether.

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