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    Infrastructure investment positive for WA’s cycling future

Infrastructure investment positive for WA’s cycling future

The RAC welcomed the Public Transport Authoritys recent announcement that it will upgrade and expand cycle parking facilities at Perth’s train stations.

The personal and community benefits of cycling are widely recognised and cycling has been growing in popularity as a means of commuting in the Perth.  Last year, over 4 million cycling trips were recorded on Perth’s Principal Shared Paths! This, together with the fact that bicycle parking at stations is currently oversubscribed, demonstrates that many people view cycling as an attractive mode of transport.

New car review: 2014 BMW 220i Coupe

BMW’s task of coming up with a car to follow the widely acclaimed 1 Series coupe was always going to carry sizeable expectations.

The new car had to be a little roomier but not much bigger on the outside and of course it would also have to continue BMW’s four-decade old reputation for producing great driving, small rear wheel drive coupes.

This, the new 2 Series, is the little mite bearing the weight of all that expectation.

ANZAC Centenary: Electric cars and the war

With electric power now being touted by some as the future of motoring, it’s easy to overlook the fact that this mode of transport has already had a golden age – the 1890s and early 1900s. Indeed in 1900, when Western Australians were starting to see the odd car out and about, petrol power was running third fiddle to electricity and steam. 

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ANZAC Centenary: Perth auto dealers

Attwoods, Lynas and Skipper Bailey were big names in car sales in Perth during the First World War and all were still going strong until the late 1970s. Historian A. John Parker reports that William Attwood’s business became a Holden
dealership from 1948.

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RAC / MRWA trial lights up congestion solutions

A landmark RAC / MRWA trial using technology to improve the performance of traffic signals has found peak hour congestion can be considerably decreased without the need for new infrastructure.

The trial focused on the section of Orrong Road between Francisco Street and Oats Street, and was the second stage of a two-year study initiated and funded by the RAC, with the WA State Government as a key partner. RAC commissioned Aurecon Consultants to undertake this independent study.