Camping and caravanning close to Perth

Camping and caravanning is still one of the best ways to truly immerse yourself in your location. For families it’s also a very affordable holiday option.

In Perth, even time-poor city slickers have a range of camping grounds and caravan parks within a couple of hours of the city, from the Swan Valley north east of Perth to Mandurah in the south, and Cervantes in the north.

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Get Muddy @ RAC DTEC: 4WD Action

Small text: Check out how the first event from our Get Series – Get Muddy went.

Beware! Very dirty, muddy 4WD’s inside.

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Antarctica Scenic Flight – by Suni Ahuja

In January 2013, Colleen Hilton and I, both Travel Consultants from RAC Travel Carousel took to the air to take part in the Antarctica Scenic Flight.

I was so excited when I woke up that morning. Antarctica was a destination I never thought that I would ever get the opportunity to see. The journey was to take 12 hours in total; four hours to get there, four hours over the ice, four hours to get home. And the plane conveniently took off from Perth airport at 8am.

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    Vietnam and Cambodia, luxury cruising onboard Cruiseco Adventurer

Vietnam and Cambodia, luxury cruising onboard Cruiseco Adventurer

Let’s face it; RAC Travel Consultants have one of the best jobs in the house. Not only do they help members get away on their dream holidays, but they become destinations experts themselves by jetting off on agent education trips. Read about West Perth Consultant Tula Beames’ latest tour to Cambodia and Vietnam. 

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New car review: 2014 Range Rover Evoque

It’s been on sale here for nearly three years, but when it comes to that stand-out styling, the Range Rover Evoque ain’t broke yet so they ain’t fixing it.

Which is why, for its 2014 update, the Evoque looks the same as it did back then. All the changes – and there are a few – have been made under the skin of the new Evoque.