Calling all cyclists!

RAC is investigating the current issues facing cyclists and the barriers that prevent people from getting on their bike.

More people are choosing to ride for a variety of reasons including increasing congestion on the roads, better health, the cost of parking and the environment.

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New car review: 2015 Skoda Yeti

With air temperatures in the high 30s and low 40s, Perth this week is the last place and time you’d expect to see a yeti out in the open.

You’d think they would have retreated to the Nepalese high country, or at least gone to hang out in the cool room of the nearest pub.

Tips for motorbike riding in hot weather

With summer in full swing, and the days heating up, we’ve put together a few tips to make those blue skies more enjoyable on the bike.

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New car review: 2015 Mazda2

As recently as five years ago, light cars were almost by definition unrefined, unsafe, buzzy and full of nasty hard plastics.

Well, the new Mazda2 is one of those cars that will change that perception. After its styling, the most striking aspect of the new 2 is its refinement.

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    RAC’s response to the Government’s Green Paper on ‘No-fault compulsory insurance in WA’

RAC’s response to the Government’s Green Paper on ‘No-fault compulsory insurance in WA’

Suffering a catastrophic injury is life-changing. It not only changes the life of the person with catastrophic injuries but also their families who find themselves no longer as partners, siblings, or children, but as lifelong carers.

Currently, the compulsory third party insurance scheme (CTP) can only provide compensation to those who are able to prove that another party was at fault, or negligent. For example, under the current scheme a driver who suffers a catastrophic injury after a crash involving a kangaroo is unable to receive financial compensation because no other driver is at fault.