Room with a sea view

For Western Australians keen to cruise their home state’s spectacular coastline, there are more options than ever to choose from. And, as Justine Costigan discovered, it can be a fascinating (and luxurious) way to explore the coast.

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Member’s car covered since 1934

Mike O’Doherty’s Hillman Minx has been covered by RAC’s Roadside Assistance since 1934 and has transported three generations of drivers. Mr O’Doherty recalls some of his family’s ažffectionate Hillman Minx stories.

“My grandfather ordered the Hillman Minx directly from England. It was a soft top with the optional four-speed gearbox with freewheel.”

Top tips for buying travel insurance

It pays to read the small print, says The West Australian business reporter Kim Macdonald.

WA travellers have had some nasty surprises at the hands of travel insurance policies that fail to cover some seemingly basic holiday mishaps.

A watch stolen from checked-in luggage, a trip cancelled on doctor’s orders and a hospital stay after a friendly game of amateur football are just some of the scenarios that commonly fall outside basic travel insurance policies.

Analysis by Travel shows many policies have restricted coverage for pre-existing medical conditions, a broad range of physical activities and theft from checked-in luggage.

Storm preparation

Although you may not realise it, storms are actually the most common natural hazard in Australia and on average can cause more damage than cyclones, earthquakes, floods and bushfires.

Storm season occurs in the Southern half of Western Australia from May to October each year, however haphazard weather events, such as the infamous March 2010 hail storm, can occur at any time of year.

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New car review: 2015 Volkswagen Tiguan R-Line

Among Western Australian buyers, the Tiguan is Volkswagen’s third most popular vehicle after the Golf and the Amarok.

It’s an important vehicle for the German car-making giant, which has a vested interest in keeping it appealing, especially amongst the cut-throat competition of the medium-sized SUV market.

The Tiguan range is priced at just above its key competitors, with the base model 118TSI about $1,500 more than its Mazda CX-5, Honda CR-V and Ford Kuga equivalents.

To keep the appeal of the Tiguan strong, in October 2014 Volkswagen updated the range and added a special equipment package call R-Line.