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    Get to the ‘G on time: RAC reveals top breakdown spots on Perth to Melbourne route

Get to the ‘G on time: RAC reveals top breakdown spots on Perth to Melbourne route

For the eager West Coast Eagles fans making the cross-country drive this week, RAC has some advice to make sure you get to the ‘G on time.

RAC Patrol Cameron Dargan says last time a WA team made a grand final appearance, there were some noticeable common breakdown spots along the route from Perth to Melbourne.

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Breakdown safety

As most breakdowns are unexpected, you may find yourself in a dangerous situation such as at the side of a freeway, on a bridge, or in the middle of a junction.

If you do experience a breakdown on a high-speed road, we suggest you follow these breakdown safety tips:

RAC’s first-ever Roadside Assistance Patrol Survey Report

For the first time ever, RAC has surveyed its Roadside Assistance Patrols, and asked them what they are seeing as the eyes and ears of Perth roads.

Their results have been compiled in to the first-ever RAC Roadside Assistance Patrol Survey Report, where Patrols have revealed what they know and what they see on WA roads.

Member’s car covered since 1934

Mike O’Doherty’s Hillman Minx has been covered by RAC’s Roadside Assistance since 1934 and has transported three generations of drivers. Mr O’Doherty recalls some of his family’s ažffectionate Hillman Minx stories.

“My grandfather ordered the Hillman Minx directly from England. It was a soft top with the optional four-speed gearbox with freewheel.”

RAC Roadside Assistance Patrol Story

Roadside Assistance Patrol, John Payne talks about his 29 years with the RAC.

When I started with the RAC in 1986 as a Roadside Patrol, the position was widely regarded as the upper echelon of positions that a motor mechanic could achieve in the automotive field, I still feel it is regarded as such. My first patrol van was a 1976 Ford Escort and I have had 10 patrol vehicles since. My current vehicle is a 2014 Mercedes Vito, what a difference from the old Escort! Believe it or not back in 1986, our breakdown test equipment consisted of just a test light, and our van jumper leads. Not even a multimeter!