Springtime agricultural shows

Roll up, roll up for our top 10 WA agricultural shows of the year!

RAC’s Top tips when hunting for Wildflowers in WA

WA is home to an amazing array of wildflowers, making it one of the world’s largest bouquets. With 60% of these found nowhere else on earth, West Australians are lucky to say the least. The state is adorned with sporadic colour 6 months of the year with the wildflower season starting north in June in then painting its way down to the South around September. To help see WA’s amazing wildflowers, check out our wildflower hub with trails, maps, e-brochures and tours. 

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    Get Into Gear – gives you the tips for performance driving

Get Into Gear – gives you the tips for performance driving

The GET Series is a series of exciting and exhilarating events operated by RAC DTEC and MC Motorsport. Check out our latest event – Get Into Gear

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What’s on: September

What’s on in Perth and Western Australia in September?

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What’s on: July 2014

What’s on in Western Australia and Perth in July 2014.

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