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Three rules for safe driving around trucks

Motorists should remember three simple rules to ensure a safer journey when sharing the road with heavy vehicles.

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    5 tips to safely work with Pilots and Traffic Escorts while travelling

5 tips to safely work with Pilots and Traffic Escorts while travelling

Ever feel uncertain, confused, or frustrated when approaching slow moving Over Size Over Mass (OSOM) trucks?  Do the flashing lights of the pilot or traffic escort vehicle panic you?  Do you know how to deal with what’s ahead of you?

Community Education team delivers another great year

RAC’s Community Education team had a busy 2015. From the Kimberley right through to Esperance in the south, we travelled to 13 regions across WA to talk about road safety. More than 56,000 Western Australians took part in interactive lessons, including primary and secondary school students, community groups and participants in the juvenile justice program.

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Clear rules for motorists & pedestrians

Pedestrians are one of our most vulnerable road user groups. Make sure you understand the rules that keep you and your family safe when you are out and about on foot, and the rules that protect pedestrians when you’re in the driver’s seat.

Hyundai Genesis at DTEC

Last month we had an exciting day at RAC DTEC, with the Hyundai team coming out to the track for the day to test the new Hyundai Genesis.

Andy McLeod, RAC DTEC’s training team leader, was given the opportunity to assist Hyundai on the day. He has delivered driver training to a vast range of companies but never Hyundai and never experienced such a radical step up for a company.

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