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Wheatbelt war history – two personal stories

In the April/May 2015 issue of Horizons magazine we featured a story about touring the Wheatbelt’s war history sites. Below are two stories from members recalling their stories of wartime in the Wheatbelt.

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Visiting Albany to Remember

The 1st of November 2014 marked 100 years since troops from the Australian Imperial Force and New Zealand Expeditionary Force set sail from Albany to serve in the First World War. For many on-board those ships, Albany’s King George Sound would be their last sight of Australia.

ANZAC Centenary: Electric cars and the war

With electric power now being touted by some as the future of motoring, it’s easy to overlook the fact that this mode of transport has already had a golden age – the 1890s and early 1900s. Indeed in 1900, when Western Australians were starting to see the odd car out and about, petrol power was running third fiddle to electricity and steam. 

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ANZAC Centenary: Perth auto dealers

Attwoods, Lynas and Skipper Bailey were big names in car sales in Perth during the First World War and all were still going strong until the late 1970s. Historian A. John Parker reports that William Attwood’s business became a Holden
dealership from 1948.

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ANZAC Centenary: Putting the car before the horse

As well as its impact on individual soldiers and their families, WW1 had a huge effect on Western Australian society, including on the burgeoning car industry and its auto club. Stephen Williams takes a look at WA and the motor-car circa 1914.

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