Three rules for safe driving around trucks

Motorists should remember three simple rules to ensure a safer journey when sharing the road with heavy vehicles.

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What you need to know about self-explaining roads

As part of our State Budget Submission this year, RAC has called on the Government to trial self-explaining 30km per hour zones in appropriate areas. This isn’t a reduction of speed limits on all roads and it also isn’t new. We asked for the same thing in our Budget Submission last year. But, it’s definitely got people talking!

Community Education team delivers another great year

RAC’s Community Education team had a busy 2015. From the Kimberley right through to Esperance in the south, we travelled to 13 regions across WA to talk about road safety. More than 56,000 Western Australians took part in interactive lessons, including primary and secondary school students, community groups and participants in the juvenile justice program.

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Students learn with Cycle Safe

Cycling is a popular recreational activity in Western Australia and offers another way for people to commute to work and for children to get to school. We believe it’s a great way to help tackle congestion and improve the health and wellbeing of our cities and towns.

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Why our maxed-out roads need rail

A light rail system is essential to securing Perth’s future economic growth. Our road network is, and will remain, an essential part of the urban fabric of our capital city and state. But, the reality is the road network can no longer handle the demands being placed on it.