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Q: I do my own oil and filter changes and I buy a few containers of oil when it is on special and store it until it is needed. Will the oil quality and its performance deteriorate if it is stored in its sealed container in my garage for 1218 months?

Karl Havlik, Martin

A: It is best practice to use vehicle fluids that are as fresh as possible. There is an expiry date on the containers and it is best to adhere to this. Keep the bottle(s) in an area that is as cool as possible and not exposed to any elements.

Q: We have a 1996 Toyota Landcruiser 80 series that shudders and whines when reversing. Our mechanic suggests it’s to do with the power steering or the gearbox. Which one would be contributing more to the issues when reversing? And should we look at replacing with second-hand parts, refurbishing, or trying to get completely new parts (if available)? Which is the best option, as we love our 80 series.

The Collis Family

A: If the power steering was the problem, it’s likely the shuddering would occur in both drive and reverse. As you have indicated the problem occurs only when reverse is engaged, this is where we would suggest looking fi rst. We would suggest seeking advice from a transmission specialist prior to looking into replacing the parts. RAC has an approved repairer network including approved transmission specialists. If you would like any further information regarding this, please contact Motoring Advice on 13 17 03.

Q: I have a 2007 Toyota RAV4 and my front interior driver’s sidelight works intermittently. I initially thought that I had a blown light globe but on occasions it would work again. I have looked at the surrounding light console only to ind that there is no way to get into the light fixture to replace globes or ix anything. Now both front passenger and driver sidelights are not working. How do I get into the roof that surrounds the console to replace the globes?

Robb Venville, Edgewater

A: A damaged globe or other electrical issue, including a loose connection, may be causing this fault. To replace the globe, you would have to remove the globe’s plastic cover. This may be difficult and you should be careful to not break the cover. Your vehicle’s handbook may provide specific information for this task, but either way, if you require further assistance your mechanic or RAC Auto Services will be able to help.

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