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Member Benefit Kiosks now available at selected branches

Members can now purchase a range of tickets and vouchers from the new Member Benefit Kiosks at selected branches.

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Check car pollen filters before hay fever season hits

With spring finally here, it’s a good time for motorists to check their car pollen filters to reduce the effects of spring time allergies.

Ask the car doctor

Each edition of our Horizons magazine publishes some of your burning car questions. Here are our latest questions.

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Avoid slipping up with bald tyres

They’re all round and black, so surely, they all do the same job, right? Apparently not…

Travelling with pre-existing medical conditions

When planning a trip overseas it’s important to think about your health and travel insurance requirements. Being over 60 years of age and having a pre-existing medical condition doesn’t mean you won’t be covered by travel insurance, or that it has to be expensive. But it does mean you may need to do some extra research to find the policy that’s right for you.