Maurice Rosbotham is a local sculptor and the artist who created RAC’s Elephant in the Wheatbelt sculpture.

The life-sized African elephant weighs roughly half a tonne and was built from the scrap metal of wrecked cars mounted on a steel frame. Constructing the elephant took hours of welding, as its multi-coloured skin was moulded to give the sculpture its shape.

Maurice worked with his wife Kristin to bring the elephant to life and they are passionate about the elephant’s message.

Having lived in the Wheatbelt for many years, the region’s unacceptable road safety record is not a surprise to them. They have lost good friends in road crashes and are pleased the elephant is getting people thinking about road safety and making it home to their loved ones each and every time they drive.

Maurice believes people in the Wheatbelt can become complacent when driving, which he said is even more dangerous when combined with speed or fatigue.

“People need to stop taking stupid risks, like overtaking in unsafe areas,” Maurice said.

“If you respect other drivers and remember that you’re not the only one on the road you will still get where you need to go. More importantly, you’ll arrive alive.”

Visit the elephant’s Facebook page to see what he’s up to next.