WA’s former The Block contestants Matt and Kim, with the help from RAC gave the gift of a lifetime to Ray and Ruth on Herne Hill.

Ruth first battled brain cancer then, years later, suffered a stroke that paralysed half her body and put her in a wheelchair. Her husband Ray continues to put everybody before himself nursing his wife in his few spare hours and caring for his sick father daily.

To help with the stress of the renovations which took place over just four days, RAC gave Matt and Kim the RAC Electric Car. Covering a lot of ground to buy bits and bobs for the new home, they were able to zip around in the most sustainable and efficient way possible.

RAC is proud to give back to the WA community by supporting projects like Matt and Kim to the Rescue, which help to make WA a better place. Giving back is what we do; we’ve been doing it for over 110 years.

Matt and Kim to the Rescue airs Sunday 29 November on Channel Nine.

For more go to http://forthebetter.rac.com.au/community