In a recent online survey, the RAC found 27 per cent of used car buyers had experienced some problems after purchasing their car.

The survey of almost 200 car buyers found:

  • 36% chose not to have their car inspected at all
  • 16% said that it did not occur to them to get an inspection
  • 15% said the car had already been inspected before purchase
  • 32% of respondents said they had their car inspected
  • 1% bought a brand new car.

With 28% of car buyers stating there were some problems with the car after purchasing, we highly recommend getting a mechanical inspection, particularly if you’re buying from a private seller.

RAC Auto Services provides pre-purchase vehicle condition appraisals at each of its nine centres, with discounted inspections for members.

Our fully qualified mechanics are trained to find faults that may not be obvious even to someone with reasonable mechanical knowledge.  Often defects can be cleverly covered up.

You can book an appraisal at any RAC Auto Service Centre. Call 1300 652 397 or book a vehicle inspection online.