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Road safety and much more

RAC’s Community Education team is committed to educating students and the WA community about road safety. Last year the team delivered the road safety message to nearly 50,000 Western Australians. We also delivered 670 interactive lessons to primary and secondary school students and 93 presentations to community groups.

In 14/15, more than 8,000 Year 10 to 12 students attended a RAC bstreetsmart event, the largest road safety event of its kind in Western Australia.

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Students learn with Cycle Safe

Cycling is a popular recreational activity in Western Australia and offers another way for people to commute to work and for children to get to school. We believe it’s a great way to help tackle congestion and improve the health and wellbeing of our cities and towns.

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RAC walks all over October

Through our Community Sponsorships program, last month, we supported the Heart Foundation’s Walk Over October, a state-wide campaign that aims to raise awareness of the health, transport, recreational and environmental benefits of regular walking.

With the increase in traffic congestion on Perth roads, promoting walking as a viable transport option is more important than ever. It’s a key priority for RAC which aims to provide safer, more sustainable and more convenient travel options for our members and the wider WA community.

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The courage and community spirit of emergency volunteers

When emergencies arise in communities across the state, the women and men of the Volunteer Bush Fire Service (VBFS) are able to get help into the area quickly, with more than 26,000 volunteers spread across around 560 local brigades.

The service plays a key role in protecting lives and property in emergency situations, including bushfires and in helping with the invaluable and often overlooked clean-up operations that follow.

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RAC launches its first ever walking survey

RAC has launched its first ever community survey exploring what it’s like to be a pedestrian in Western Australia.

Most of us travel every day for one reason or another and whatever means we use to get around, for many of us, our trips will start and end with walking.

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