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President’s Message: RAC trial lights up solutions

In the past year RAC has tackled many issues affecting our members and the state, using innovative strategies. We’ve applied better, smarter and more integrated solutions to keep our members safe and our road and public transport networks lowing.

President’s Message: Time to reflect

Since RAC was established in 1905 by a small group of enthusiastic car owners, its services have extended beyond its membership and deep into the WA community.

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RAC President’s message: Slow down, move over

There is no question that the roadside, particularly on high-speed roads, is a dangerous place for stranded motorists. For road workers, emergency-service personnel, police officers, tow-truck drivers, roadside assistance patrols and all those who call the roadside their place of work, this danger is constantly present.

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President’s message: Let’s talk about the Wheatbelt

Road crashes kill about 1400 Australians and hospitalise another 32,500 each year. The total estimated cost to the community is $27 billion and the human impact is devastating. In Western Australia the total estimated cost is nearly $6.6 billion each year.

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President’s message: Young drivers: our most vulnerable

Giving our young people every opportunity in life is something we all hope to provide. The experiences they have develop their perspectives and skills, focus their minds, and lay the foundations for their ambitions, hopes and dreams.

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