Auto-braking decreases rear-end crash rates

Research in the US has found that automatic braking systems on cars reduced crashes by 39 per cent.

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Generation Ford

One of the greatest Australian rivalries will come to a head this year at Bathurst. When Ford lines up with Holden, it will be heading for a very different finish line. On 7 October Ford manufacturing in Australia will come to an end and with the Bathurst 1000 having contributed so much to the iconic Ford image, shutting down the line on the eve of the Big Race will be a fittingƒ finale.

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Caversham: first place for history

It’s been 70 years since the Victory Grand Prix at Caversham marked the beginning of an unforgettable era of motorsport in WA.

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Labour of love

Now in his 90s, motoring legend Cliff Byfield has been designing and building cars by hand since the 1940s. A visit to his workshop reveals a remarkable lifetime of motoring design, writes Jane Hammond.

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Battle of the sexes

It’s an age old question – who are the better drivers, men or women? So we’ve looked into our insurance claims data from the past two years to see who really comes out on top.

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