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Motoring news: A date with ANCAP

The Australasian New Car Assessment Program, better known as ANCAP, has added a date stamp to its vehicle safety ratings so consumers will know which safety requirements each car has been tested against.

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Motoring news: Lightweight latecomer

After a gap in production of more than 50 years, Jaguar has started making a limited number of the rarest E-Type, the Lightweight.

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Motoring news: Moke turns 50

Cheap, practical, and a source of endless fun-in-the-sun is how many Australians remember the legendary Mini Moke, and this year marks its 50th anniversary.

The cost of using WA roads proves taxing for WA motorists

Western Australian motorists paid the Federal Government $2.3 billion in taxes in the last financial year. The total tax revenue is comprised of a number of fees and taxes including GST raised from purchases of motor vehicles and fuel, luxury car tax, excise duty on fuel, and passenger motor vehicle customs which are duties paid on imported vehicles.

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Running on empty

It’s not unthinkable that a major disruption to liquid fuel supplies in Australia could happen. Whether it’s a refinery disaster or an accident at sea, Jane Hammond asks the question: how would Australia cope?

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