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New Car Review: 2015 Mazda MX-5

When Mazda first launched the MX-5 in 1989, it proved that tradition and technology could actually get along quite well.

In keeping with the affordable sports car tradition, it was inexpensive, had two seats only, a canvas roof  and a front engine with rear wheel drive.

Common reasons your “check engine” light is on

It’s always a concern when your car’s engine light comes on unexpectedly.

Next are some common reasons why it may come on:

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Motoring news: Sandman returns

Holden have brought back the Sandman, albeit toned down from the original. From June, Holden began offering a small number of special edition Sandman Commodore utes and station wagons.

Guide to WA rest areas

For anyone touring WA by road, planning short rest stops along the way is an important part of overall trip planning.

To ensure drivers know exactly where to pull over for a break on their journey, Main Roads WA has produced a guide that details Main Roads rest areas in Western Australia.

Exploring the role of car sharing in Perth

As traffic congestion and the personal cost of travel continue to increase many of us are looking for alternative ways to move around our city.

Our cars can be parked for much of the time, and on average we’re driving less than 14,000km per year, yet it can cost around $12,000 on average to run our cars.  Owning a first or second car is therefore not always economically viable.

For those of us who don’t rely on our cars for our day-to-day activities, but still want the freedom and convenience of access to a car when we need it, car sharing could be an attractive option.