Home insurance – the basics

Storms, broken windows or other questions about home insurance? Whether you’re buying your first home, or moving into a new place, your home is worth protecting. If you’re just getting started looking into your home insurance options, here are some simple answers to some questions you might have.

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Summer renos could increase your home’s value

If you’re one of the many people that carried out any home upgrades over the summer, have you increased your insurance cover too?

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Battle of the sexes

It’s an age old question – who are the better drivers, men or women? So we’ve looked into our insurance claims data from the past two years to see who really comes out on top.

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Protect your gadgets before school starts

Tablets, iPhone, iPads, iPods, laptops…lots of kids have gadgets. In fact, many schools have made them part of the curriculum.

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Don’t let your car be a shop window

WA South East Metro District and RAC Insurance are encouraging Western Australians to be extra vigilant this summer when it comes to leaving valuables in their car, particularly when parking in public areas.

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