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Home insurance – the basics

Storms, broken windows or other questions about home insurance? Whether you’re buying your first home, or moving into a new place, your home is worth protecting. If you’re just getting started looking into your home insurance options, here are some simple answers to some questions you might have.

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Top family bike rides in Perth

Cycling, both for transport and for competitive events, is on the increase, but it’s also a fun, leisurely activity that can be enjoyed by the whole family. Cycling after school or on the weekend is a great way to encourage kids to live an active lifestyle. It’s also a good opportunity to spend quality family time together, while having a workout. Next time you’re planning to visit the local shops, beach or park, why not get on your bike – it’s free and it’s fun.

Quality’s in the blood: Osborne Smash Repairs

Meet Michael Angi; the proud second-generation owner of Osborne Smash Repairs who has the natural makings of an entrepreneur. When his father Joe returned from Vietnam in 1970, he and his business partner Bruna, rented a small workshop in Osborne Park operating as a spray painter and panel beater with three staff. In 1979, 96 Guthrie Street was up for sale so Joe purchased it and changed their name from F&J Spray Centre to Osborne Smash Repairs.

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Secure your home this Easter

Whether you’re heading overseas or camping down south this Easter, going away on holiday is always an exciting time.

Planning for your trip can be a lot of fun; researching your destination, booking tours, checking out the weather and choosing what clothes to take.

However, there are also a lot of things to organise around the home to make sure that everything is looked after while you’re away.

It’s no secret that home burglaries are on the rise. In this financial year alone we have seen an 11 per cent increase in home contents theft claims.

Summer renos could increase your home’s value

If you’re one of the many people that carried out any home upgrades over the summer, have you increased your insurance cover too?

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