Hyundai Genesis at DTEC

Last month we had an exciting day at RAC DTEC, with the Hyundai team coming out to the track for the day to test the new Hyundai Genesis.

Andy McLeod, RAC DTEC’s training team leader, was given the opportunity to assist Hyundai on the day. He has delivered driver training to a vast range of companies but never Hyundai and never experienced such a radical step up for a company.

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ApocaLaps Car Club

Back in May MC Motorsport had some impressive “overseas guests” test their rubber on our road circuit – The ApocaLaps Car Club – an American, UK & Australian muscle and classic cars club.

The ApocaLaps Car Club started in 2014 by a man called Justin Murphy because he wanted to mix with like-minded muscle / classic car enthusiasts while testing their car’s performance.

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CY O’Connor selects DTEC

CY O’Connor Institute is recognised as an innovative provider of education and training services that contribute to regional and state workforce development. Their mission is to provide quality education and training services to enable students in the Wheatbelt and beyond to achieve their potential.

C.Y. O’Connor Institute’s regional campuses are located in Northam, Narrogin, Merredin and Moora across the Wheatbelt. The Institute is dedicated to providing first class training to all its students offering Certificate, Diploma and Degree Qualifications in subjects ranging from Agriculture, Business, Children and Community Services and Trades, and is recognised as the preferred training provider in the Wheatbelt.

Through these high standards John Scott, Managing director of C.Y. O’Connor identified RAC DTEC as a prime partner to address specific challenges being faced by their students when moving around The Wheatbelt. Whilst in the process of organising a grant to deliver driver training for school leavers, John realised that his own staff were also at risk.

Weathering winter driving

Winter weather places several additional stresses on you as a driver and on your car.

Cold weather can cause older batteries to fail and is one of the most common RAC Roadside Assistance callouts. One of the warning signs of failure is the motor turning over more slowly. If
your battery is a few years old, consider a replacement before it leaves you stranded.

Planfarm support their team with customised driver training

Western Australia’s agricultural sector is one of the most progressive, varied and unique landscapes in the world. Planfarm, a farm consulting company who employ a large team of farm management consultants, agronomists, grain marketers and business and project managers, recently spent a day at RAC DTEC to undertake a business planning session and carry out customised driver training, tailored to meet the specific requirements of their team.

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