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Assumptions behind the wheel

There are essentially two kinds of assumptions we can make when we are driving:

  1. What other drivers are going to do; and
  2. What conditions we will encounter during our drive – will it always be the same each time?

The first assumption can create all sorts of problems if we act upon those assumptions.

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Porsche Club of WA: Come & Try Day

The Porsche Club of WA held a Come & Try Day in January hosted by MC Motorsport, on the RAC DTEC Road Circuit. The day was to encourage social members to dip their toe into motorsport activity and MC Motorsport was chosen to host the event due to the safe, professionally designed circuit and their experienced motorsport instructors.

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RAC DTEC works to assist taxi industry

The taxi industry is a key part of the WA transport network with almost 13 million trips recorded in 2013.

RAC DTEC is working as a sole partner with the Department of Transport to assist the taxi industry and members of the WA community by providing Professional Development training to all taxi drivers, a pre-requisite for taxi driver licence renewal every two years.

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Courtesy on the Road

As a Defensive Driver Trainer with RAC DTEC, one characteristic we look for in our course attendees is their courtesy to other drivers because it demonstrates an awareness of what other drivers are doing or attempting to do, in turn creating a more tolerant and considerate attitude on the road.

How do you feel after someone lets you into the traffic flow? It is a good feeling, and tends to encourage us to behave similarly to other drivers.

GET Sandy Down South

Calling all 4WD Owners in the South West!

The GET Series is a program of exhilarating events run by eventspace wa in conjunction with RAC DTEC and MC Motorsport.

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