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Planfarm support their team with customised driver training

Western Australia’s agricultural sector is one of the most progressive, varied and unique landscapes in the world. Planfarm, a farm consulting company who employ a large team of farm management consultants, agronomists, grain marketers and business and project managers, recently spent a day at RAC DTEC to undertake a business planning session and carry out customised driver training, tailored to meet the specific requirements of their team.

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RAC older driver survey

Driving, taking public transport, taxis, cycling and walking are just some of the ways we move around our city and State every day.

However some of these options aren’t always suitable or even accessible for parts of the community. For some, owning and driving a car is their main form of transport. The convenience of having a car is not always appreciated until it is unavailable, particularly in emergencies.

For many of our older Western Australian, the car is a sign of freedom and mobility. Without their car they must find suitable alternatives, be forced to rely on the generosity of family or friends or miss out on activities all together.

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CPR on the move

Driving in today’s environment often presents challenges and travelling as a passenger with the lack of control of being behind the wheel can be a trying experience. Now imagine being a paramedic in an emergency situation delivering CardioPulmonary Resuscitation (CPR) to a patient in a moving ambulance.

St John Ambulance used RAC DTEC’s facilities to conduct a feasibility study examining effects of motion on the quality of CPR in a moving vehicle, comparing the LUCAS™2 Chest Compression System versus traditional manual CPR. The simulation was set up using a manikin and the LUCAS™2 and the benefit of the RAC DTEC road circuit allowed consistent trial conditions – the same driver, speed and driving conditions.

GET Sandy: 17 – 19th April 2015

After setting up camp at Pinnacles Holiday Park on Friday evening, our second GET Sandy event got underway early on Saturday morning with a relaxed start over a cup of coffee and a good chance to socialise before the inevitable comparison of vehicles commenced. There was a great range for the tour from a stock Triton to a Landrover Discovery 3 to a modified GU Patrol ute.

Transport to Treatment, RAC supports Cancer Council WA

Travelling to and from medical appointments is difficult for many people affected by cancer.  Cancer treatment usually occurs over an extended period of time and requires repeated attendance at facilities which may be far from home. Radiotherapy, in particular requires daily attendance for up to six weeks and a common side effect is fatigue so appropriate travel options to health services are vital.

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