Making better travel choices

In 2012, RAC forecast another one million vehicles on WA roads by 2020. As Perth continues to grow, choosing alternative ways of moving around our community can help decrease tra‹ffic congestion and the negative impact it has on quality of life and economic productivity.

RAC is promoting and actively using travel plans as one strategy to encourage a shift from single-occupancy car trips towards alternative transport options.

A travel plan is a package of measures to promote and improve viable alternatives to single-occupancy car travel. 

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    What would it take to get you to hop on a bike to go to work?

What would it take to get you to hop on a bike to go to work?

The RAC has a Workplace Travel Plan that encourages all staff to walk, cycle, car pool or take public transport to get to and from work if they are able to.  It is amazing how popular commuting to work by bicycle has become.

In 2014 the Heart Foundation and the Cycling Promotion Fund received more than 2,000 responses from workers aged between 25 and 54, who don’t ride to work and who live within cycling distance (15km) of their place of employment.

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Cycling in WA re-imagined

RAC has welcomed news by the State Government that a further $3million will be spent on cycling projects in Perth.

This announcement followed a visit by Dutch transport experts earlier in the year who helped local stakeholders, including RAC, develop innovative ways to help make cycling safer and more connected.

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2015 vehicle review: RAC Human Powered Vehicle review

In most of the other vehicles we road test on these pages, there’s only one pedal which makes it go.

In this vehicle, there are two, which sounds exciting, but there’s some explaining that needs to be done here.

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    RAC Cycling Survey respondents call for better infrastructure

RAC Cycling Survey respondents call for better infrastructure

With its wonderful climate and relatively flat landscape our State naturally encourages cycling and many of us do love to partake in this activity, for a variety of reasons.

But, what else influences our cycling behaviours? What could be done to help make cycling a safer and more convenient transport choice for more of us?

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