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WA’s high break-in rate

Western Australia has the highest rate of break-ins and attempted break-ins of all states, according to the 2014 Report on Government Services.

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Choosing the best landlords’ insurance

You’ve worked hard for your investment property so getting the right insurance cover is essential – not just to protect the building but your investment through landlords’ insurance.

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Cover your home improvements

If you carried out any home improvements recently it’s important to consider the extra value you may have added to your home and how it may affect your home insurance policy.

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Your home winter storm checklist

Storms are the most common natural hazard in Australia and on average cause more damage than cyclones, earthquakes, floods and bushfires.

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Your iPhone is even more Valuable to Thieves

Twenty years ago thieves breaking into homes looking for high-value portable goods were targeting valuables such as jewellery and cash.

Today that valuables hit-list also includes iPhones, laptops, tablet devices and digital cameras – all very compact and of relatively high value. New statistics have found that WA homes are more likely to be broken into than properties in any other state.

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