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    What would it take to get you to hop on a bike to go to work?

What would it take to get you to hop on a bike to go to work?

The RAC has a Workplace Travel Plan that encourages all staff to walk, cycle, car pool or take public transport to get to and from work if they are able to.  It is amazing how popular commuting to work by bicycle has become.

In 2014 the Heart Foundation and the Cycling Promotion Fund received more than 2,000 responses from workers aged between 25 and 54, who don’t ride to work and who live within cycling distance (15km) of their place of employment.

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Federal priorities for WA

RAC believes the Federal Government needs to look more seriously at funding public transport projects.  RAC’s 2015/16 pre-budget submission to the Federal Government calls for investment in public transport projects across Perth, as well as other key transport priorities for WA.

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Calling all cyclists!

RAC is investigating the current issues facing cyclists and the barriers that prevent people from getting on their bike.

More people are choosing to ride for a variety of reasons including increasing congestion on the roads, better health, the cost of parking and the environment.

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Perth’s coastal sprawl

Perth’s footprint covers more than 6000sqkm, more than three times Los Angeles’ city boundaries and more than twice that of Tokyo’s.

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    Infrastructure investment positive for WA’s cycling future

Infrastructure investment positive for WA’s cycling future

The RAC welcomed the Public Transport Authoritys recent announcement that it will upgrade and expand cycle parking facilities at Perth’s train stations.

The personal and community benefits of cycling are widely recognised and cycling has been growing in popularity as a means of commuting in the Perth.  Last year, over 4 million cycling trips were recorded on Perth’s Principal Shared Paths! This, together with the fact that bicycle parking at stations is currently oversubscribed, demonstrates that many people view cycling as an attractive mode of transport.