Do car batteries have a “shelf life”?

Every car battery starts its life in a fully charged state.

Does your car battery pass the test?

No one likes a dead battery.
Not only is it inconvenient, but you can almost guarantee it will happen when you need to get to work, meet a friend, have a boot full of groceries, or need to run an urgent errand.

Unfortunately car batteries have a limited life, and age is a factor in how reliable they are. In addition, as our vehicles age, engine processes become a little less efficient and this puts additional strain on our car’s battery. However, there are a few things you can to do to keep your battery healthy and happy during its time in your car.

During the natural course of driving your battery’s charge is slowly topped up, however if you drive short distances, batteries seldom have enough time to fully recharge. So if you are regularly travelling less than 15km daily, we recommend you periodically charge your battery with a suitable car battery charger.

Going away for an extended period of time? Batteries will naturally lose their charge when they are not topped up by driving around for extended periods. When you return from holiday, your battery is very likely to not be fully charged. To prolong the battery’s life, we again suggest using a suitable car battery charger to return your battery to full charge.

Lastly, keeping your vehicle regularly serviced will ensure everything is kept in good order, especially your battery, as a quality mechanic will ensure your battery is secure, the terminals are clean and it is taking charge.

To see how your car battery is doing, you can take our free online Power Meter test today and go into the draw to win an exciting V8 Hot Lap at the RAC Driving Centre!