WAM in tune with Wheatbelt road safety

At RAC, we’re committed to improving road safety outcomes in the Wheatbelt. Tragically, 26 families are grieving over the death of a loved one from a car crash in the Wheatbelt last year, giving the region the worst road fatality rate in the State.

RAC is promoting road safety through its partnership with West Australian Music (WAM) because nothing brings a community together like music does. Since 2012, RAC has supported their successful Wheatbelt Touring Circuit.

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RAC’s first-ever Roadside Assistance Patrol Survey Report

For the first time ever, RAC has surveyed its Roadside Assistance Patrols, and asked them what they are seeing as the eyes and ears of Perth roads.

Their results have been compiled in to the first-ever RAC Roadside Assistance Patrol Survey Report, where Patrols have revealed what they know and what they see on WA roads.

Congestion crunch biting WA business

Perth is on track to become the nation’s most congested city, which could limit the State’s potential while making it harder for local businesses to thrive.

The Chamber of Commerce & Industry (CCI) and RAC are working together to highlight this situation, by launching the third CCI and RAC BusinessWise congestion survey for business.

The survey asks business owners to outline if congestion on our roads is putting strain on their productivity and profitability.

Exploring the role of car sharing in Perth

As traffic congestion and the personal cost of travel continue to increase many of us are looking for alternative ways to move around our city.

Our cars can be parked for much of the time, and on average we’re driving less than 14,000km per year, yet it can cost around $12,000 on average to run our cars.  Owning a first or second car is therefore not always economically viable.

For those of us who don’t rely on our cars for our day-to-day activities, but still want the freedom and convenience of access to a car when we need it, car sharing could be an attractive option.

Making better travel choices

In 2012, RAC forecast another one million vehicles on WA roads by 2020. As Perth continues to grow, choosing alternative ways of moving around our community can help decrease tra‹ffic congestion and the negative impact it has on quality of life and economic productivity.

RAC is promoting and actively using travel plans as one strategy to encourage a shift from single-occupancy car trips towards alternative transport options.

A travel plan is a package of measures to promote and improve viable alternatives to single-occupancy car travel.