With us for the ride: Midland Smash Repairs

As RAC celebrates its 110 year anniversary, it presents an opportune time to take a look back at the people who have been with us on the ride.

And some of those people are the team at Midland Smash Repairs.

The family-run business has been in operation since 1965, and has been a preferred valued repair partner of RAC Insurance for 50 years. 

A Patrolman Recount of 1950: Tom Fisher

As part of RAC’s 110th anniversary celebrations, the team have been piecing the Club’s history together from archived photos and diary entries.

We came across Thomas (Tom) P Fisher’s recount of his time as an RAC Patrolman from 1950-51. He had a life-long career at RAC and retired in 1987 at the age of 66 as a Claims Manager. He wrote that he enjoyed every minute of it.

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    President’s message: Serving Western Australians for 110 years

President’s message: Serving Western Australians for 110 years

In 2015, RAC celebrates its 110th  anniversary. While much has changed over this time, the essence of our club and our unwavering commitment to our members remains the same. The small group of WA car enthusiasts, which gathered in 1905 to form what would become the RAC, were motivated by far more than the need to form a social club.

From its beginnings, there was a great energy at the core of the club that saw it evolve into an organisation devoted not just to its members but to providing a public service. 

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RAC reflects on 110 years

In the RAC’s centenary year (2005), the names of those who had made outstanding contributions to the motoring industry were etched on the pavement outside RAC’s West Perth office, labelled the Walk of Fame.

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