Cycling is a popular recreational activity in Western Australia and offers another way for people to commute to work and for children to get to school. We believe it’s a great way to help tackle congestion and improve the health and wellbeing of our cities and towns.

We care about the safety of cyclists which is why we support Cycle Safe – the team who provides early primary school-aged children with an interactive bike safety program.

School visits by Cycle Safe communicates clear messages to young students about bike safety by focusing on ‘The Great Bike Ride’ picture book which was written by Cycle Safe founder and presenter, Trevor Quick. The book addresses personal safety, equipment usage, riding with an adult, using footpaths correctly, staying left, driveway safety and being alert and aware of your surroundings at all times.

We recently received a copy of a letter which was sent by some inspired year five students to Cycle Safe’s founder Trevor Quick.

Cycle Safe Letter

The class learnt a lot about bike safety during their Cycle Safe school visit and were so eager to share these messages that they penned another letter. It outlined some of their key reasons for being a responsible cyclist and wearing a helmet.

Cycle Safe Letter


It’s fantastic to see young members of the community receiving important messages about bike safety and communicating them with others. We are proud to support Cycle Safe and their work educating and improving the awareness of young cyclists.

Cycle Safe is sponsored through RAC’s Community Sponsorship program which has supported 182 initiatives to the value of $1,198,026 since it began in 2011. For more information on the Community Sponsorship program visit