Young drivers will learn about the potentially dire consequences of texting while they’re behind the wheel in a new campaign to be launched this month by Surfing WA and RAC.

The ‘No Txt No Wrecks’ campaign, supported through RAC’s Community Sponsorships program, will help raise awareness among young drivers in the surfing community, who often travel long distances for competitions, about the danger of inattention while driving.

Young drivers are overrepresented in the road fatalities rate – despite only making up 12 per cent of the population, drivers aged between 17 and 24 accounted for 22 per cent of all WA road deaths in 2014. Tragically, inattention and the use of mobile phones continue to contribute to WA’s poor road safety record.

Our recent free2go Young Driver Survey revealed that 55 per cent of those surveyed admitted to sending a text or email while driving. More than a third also admitted to driving while talking on a mobile or to seeing a parent doing the same thing.


Surfing WA CEO Mark Lane said partnering with us gave them the opportunity to promote important road safety messages to the many young people and their families who attend their events.

He said the Surfing WA team, which spends hundreds of hours driving between Geraldton and Denmark, had noticed a concerning trend of increasing mobile phone use by people behind the wheel.

The safety of friends, members and the wider community is important, whether it’s in the surf or on the roads and you can help spread the ‘No Txt No Wrecks’ message.

Lead by example. Safely store your phone away and out of reach while you’re driving and spread the word by using the hashtag #NoTxtNoWrecks on social media.

The sponsorship support is part of the $1.2 million already provided to local communities since the RAC’s Community Sponsorships program began in 2011. To find out more, visit

The ‘No Txt No Wrecks campaign’ will be launched at Taj’s Small Fries surfing competition in Yallingup on Friday 15 January.

The following Surfing WA events are proudly supported by RAC:

Events Dates Location
Taj Small Fries 15-17 Jan Yallingup
Sunsmart Bodyboard Series #1 20-21 Feb Yallingup
HIF Pro Am Series #1 27-28 Feb Margaret River
WA Junior Series #1 19-20 March Margaret River
HIF Pro Am Series #2 30 April 1 May Trigg Beach
Sunsmart Bodyboard Series #2 14-15 May Mandurah
Kailis King of the Point 28-29 May Trigg Beach
WA Junior Series #2 11-12 June Mandurah
HIF Pro Am Series #3 18-19 June Geraldton
Sunsmart Bodyboard Series #3 2-3 July Geraldton
WA Junior Series #3 16-17 JulyGeraldton

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All photos provided by Surfing WA and credited to Nick Woolacott

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