Cycling for transport, leisure, or even competitively is on the increase. In fact, 591,000 Western Australians cycle each week – that’s a lot of bikes!

Sadly bike theft is also increasingly common. RAC Insurance has received 310 bike theft claims from the home in the past 12 months, which is an average of 25 bikes being stolen every month.

Thieves are opportunistic and will often steal bikes to sell these on quickly. They often target areas where there are large amounts of bikes being secured, as it’s easy for them to quickly delve through and evaluate easy targets.

With cycling technology becoming more innovative, the value of bikes is also increasing, which makes the thought of having your bike damaged or stolen even more daunting. We know how important your bike is to you and that’s why we’ve launched our very first RAC Bike Insurance. From as little as $3 a week, you can keep your bike protected against theft, accidental damage, fire or vandalism.

Here are our top tips to help keep your bike safe:

  1. Get your bike insured with RAC Bike Insurance. Visit for more information and to get a quote.
  2. Avoid leaving your bike in a public area and keep it in a garage or a locked shed when at home.
  3. Park your bike in an area that is well lit and visible.
  4. Invest in a good quality lock that is difficult to remove, such as a D-lock and make it as tight as possible so that tools can’t be used to remove it.
  5. Make sure that the lock is secured around the bike frame and if possible, use a secondary cable lock for any easy to remove components like wheels or accessories.
  6. Always secure your bike to a fixed object that can’t be lifted or removed, such as a permanent bike rack.
  7. Consider engraving your driver’s license number into your bike frame so that if it is stolen and recovered by the police, they can easily identify that it belongs to you.
  8. Take photos of your bike and keep a copy of your receipt with the date, model, serial number and other details in case you need to provide proof of purchase to the police or your insurer.