Tablets, iPhone, iPads, iPods, laptops…lots of kids have gadgets. In fact, many schools have made them part of the curriculum.

Kids are pretty impressive in using these new-age devices too, but they might be a bit less impressive about looking after them. The school shoes get scuffed, the pencil cases get drawn on, and the school bags get left on the bus. As much as we’d love our kids to consider the value of the gadgets inside their school bags, it’s not always easy!

So before the mad rush of school pick-ups and drop-offs kick off for the year, it’s a good idea to make sure your kids’ gadgets are protected with RAC’s Personal Valuables Insurance – the best way to protect your valuables from loss or damage outside of the home.

We also have a number of handy tips to keep your kids’ gadgets safe:

  1. Get your gadget(s) insured with Personal Valuables Insurance before school starts.
  2. Make sure you invest in a good quality protective cover and screen protector.
  3. Put a password on your gadget that isn’t obvious or guessable.
  4. Encourage your kids to avoid leaving their gadgets in an unattended bag.
  5. Write your contact details on your gadget cover or consider having them engraved on the item itself so that if it’s stolen and recovered by the police, it can be easily identified.
  6. Download a location app which can help you find a lost or misplaced gadget or might assist if you need to report any stolen gadgets to the police.
  7. Take photos of your valuables and keep a copy of your receipt with the date, model, serial number and other details in case you need to provide proof of purchase to the police or your insurer.

Be sure to check the PDS to see if the policy is right for you.