It’s an age old question – who are the better drivers, men or women? So we’ve looked into our insurance claims data from the past two years to see who really comes out on top.

Overall, women are more likely to crash their car, with 7.5% more collision claims than men. This could explain why more than half of our members are women!

But when it comes to serious crashes, our claims data shows that men are more likely to write their car off.

So while there are many comical, and sometimes heated, debates about which gender is a better driver, the facts show that men and women’s driving skills are balanced in their different ways.

In the circumstance that you have a car crash, RAC Insurance is there to protect you but there are many other ways you can protect yourself. Remember to plan your journey, and if you’re caught in a rush, take a breather and stick to the speed limit, because speed and inattention are some of the main contributors to car crashes.