For the eager West Coast Eagles fans making the cross-country drive this week, RAC has some advice to make sure you get to the ‘G on time.

RAC Patrol Cameron Dargan says last time a WA team made a grand final appearance, there were some noticeable common breakdown spots along the route from Perth to Melbourne.

“Back in September 2013, many Fremantle fans made the drive from Perth to Melbourne to see the Dockers play the Hawks,” Mr Dargan said.

“That month, the most common spot RAC had to rescue broken down drivers from was the Eyre Highway in Eucla.

“The second most common spot was Great Eastern Highway in Northam, followed by Great Eastern Highway in Kalgoorlie.

“September 2013 saw an almost 40% increase in the number of roadside rescues on the Perth to Melbourne driving route, compared to Septembers when there has been no WA team in the Grand Final. So we really urge drivers to give their vehicles a thorough check before hitting the road.

“Check your oil, water and tyre pressure before leaving, and take some top-up fluids with you on the journey as well.

“RAC is offering free vehicle health checks for Roadside Assistance members in the Perth metro area. Just give us a call to arrange a time, and we’ll come out to your work or home to give your car a once-over before you head of for Melbourne. It only takes about 15-20 minutes.

“In the event you do break down, find a safe place to stop your car as far off the road as possible, activate your hazard lights and call RAC Roadside Assistance.

“We also remind motorists to drive safely. A majority of crashes are caused by deliberate driver choices.

“Stick to the speed limit, do not drink and drive, and ensure everyone in your vehicle is wearing a seatbelt.

“Long and straight drives such as the Perth to Melbourne journey can often lead to driver distraction, so reduce your distractions by setting some ground rules for your passengers, turning off your mobile phone and pulling over if you want to change the music or look at road maps for directions.

“Driver fatigue is a big issue with long drives like this as well, so take regular breaks and switch drivers throughout your journey.

“We want you to get to the ‘G on time, and in one piece.”

Top breakdown locations in September 2013:

  1. Eyre Hwy, Eucla (12)
  2. Great Eastern Hwy, Northam (10)
  3. Great Eastern Hwy, Kalgoorlie (8)
  4. Eyre Hwy, Balladonia (8)
  5. Eyre Hwy, Caiguna (6)
  6. Great Eastern Hwy, Merredin (6)
  7. Great Eastern Hwy, Southern Cross (5)
  8. Great Eastern Hwy, Coolgardie (5)

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