Road safety

Little Legends lead the way

RAC’s Community Education team would like to introduce you to some of our friends from the RAC Little Legends Club – a fun, free road safety membership for children. The Little Legends love to help us spread the word about being a safe road user. We sat down with Mel and Jack to talk about road safety.

RAC’s Rider Enhancement Program could save your life

Motorcycles are a popular but increasingly risky way to travel on our roads. Last year, 21 motorcyclists were killed on Western Australian roads. So what is being done to improve the awareness and safety of motorcyclists?

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    5 tips to safely work with Pilots and Traffic Escorts while travelling

5 tips to safely work with Pilots and Traffic Escorts while travelling

Ever feel uncertain, confused, or frustrated when approaching slow moving Over Size Over Mass (OSOM) trucks?  Do the flashing lights of the pilot or traffic escort vehicle panic you?  Do you know how to deal with what’s ahead of you?

Does your star sign affect your driving?

Whether you’re a true believer or just like to have a bit of fun, many people link star signs to personality traits and attitudes towards life. So we’ve looked at our 2014 motor insurance claims to see how each star sign performed.

It may come as no surprise that the Cancer-born crabs had the highest number of at-fault collision claims. Perhaps their spontaneous personalities and ‘moodiness’ works against them when it comes to merging or giving-way?

Ever heard of a Side by Side?

Quad Bikes are big, heavy and unstable.

Their high centre of gravity, especially when combined with a load strapped to the back, can result in the vehicle rolling over. According to Safe Work Australia, this has caused nine deaths since 1 January 2015.

This calendar year of 2015 there have been 15 quad bike fatalities across Australia. One in Northern Territory, two each in New South Wales and Tasmania and three each in Western Australia and Victoria and four in Queensland.