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Father’s Day promotion 2016 –

RAC Father’s Day Promotion Terms and Conditions 2016.

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Spend a little, save a lot – with RAC Rewards

For just $29, you could easily save $1000 a year on your usual grocery, fuel and gym membership purchases alone.* You’ll be amazed at what else is on offer too.

Member’s car covered since 1934

Mike O’Doherty’s Hillman Minx has been covered by RAC’s Roadside Assistance since 1934 and has transported three generations of drivers. Mr O’Doherty recalls some of his family’s ažffectionate Hillman Minx stories.

“My grandfather ordered the Hillman Minx directly from England. It was a soft top with the optional four-speed gearbox with freewheel.”

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    President’s message: Let’s re-think Compulsory Third Party Insurance

President’s message: Let’s re-think Compulsory Third Party Insurance

Twenty-seven years ago I survived a road crash, resulting in serious spinal injury.

On average, 92 Western Australians suffer a catastrophic injury as a result of a road crash every year. I was fortunate to be among the one in 10 with a spinal injury who walked again, but for the
majority of those who suffer this way, their lives and their families’ lives remain severely changed.

Have you used a roadside ‘help’ phone?

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