Maintaining the momentum after the RAC e-Bike Trial

Sadly, Sunday 8 November marked the conclusion of our RAC e-Bike Trial but what a fantastic 10-weeks it’s been… and this is only just the beginning!

During the Trial our e-Bikers have been out and about all over the city enjoying their bikes for commuting and leisure, and it seems many of them now have a newfound, or re-ignited, passion for cycling that will live on following the Trial!  We think that’s brilliant!

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RAC walks all over October

Through our Community Sponsorships program, last month, we supported the Heart Foundation’s Walk Over October, a state-wide campaign that aims to raise awareness of the health, transport, recreational and environmental benefits of regular walking.

With the increase in traffic congestion on Perth roads, promoting walking as a viable transport option is more important than ever. It’s a key priority for RAC which aims to provide safer, more sustainable and more convenient travel options for our members and the wider WA community.

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Powering up electric bikes

New regulations now in force in WA will allow a class of electric bicycle known as electric power-assisted cycles (EPAC) to operate under the legislation covering other electric bikes and power-assisted pedal cycles (PAPC).

EPAC bicycles may operate at up to 250 watts power output, while all other power-assisted pedal cycles are limited to 200 watts. As with other electric bicycles, the higher output EPACs may be ridden on shared paths. A power-assisted pedal cycle is a bicycle with an auxiliary motor that provides assistance to the rider.

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Enjoying the ride with the RAC e-Bike Trial!

With almost 600,000 cyclists taking to WA’s streets and paths each week, cycling is certainly booming.  We think this is fantastic and it’d be great to see even more Western Australian’s cycling to and from work!

Cycling is good for us as it helps us to be more active, which is great for our health and wellbeing, and we can save money on our travel costs as well!  An increase in cycling also helps to reduce the number of cars on our roads.

For some of us though, cycling might not always seem that attractive due to time, distance or fitness constraints.  But, could electric bikes (or e-Bikes) make a difference? 

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Power of the Pedal

There was a lot of buzz at the Busselton foreshore last Sunday, and it wasn’t because of the free coffee for RAC Members!

On 9 August, the RAC Pedal Prix took place for the second year running with two RAC teams competing in the event – Win Diesel and Gold Rush.

43 human powered trikes took to the 900m track over a six hour race period. An average of 152 laps was ridden by a rotation of riders that kept everyone busy throughout the day. The winning team Relentless Racing SAWA Trump Trikes from Victoria reached 44.05km per hour and completed 245 laps with the best lap time of 01:16:8.