What you need to know about self-explaining roads

As part of our State Budget Submission this year, RAC has called on the Government to trial self-explaining 30km per hour zones in appropriate areas. This isn’t a reduction of speed limits on all roads and it also isn’t new. We asked for the same thing in our Budget Submission last year. But, it’s definitely got people talking!

Top family bike rides in Perth

Cycling, both for transport and for competitive events, is on the increase, but it’s also a fun, leisurely activity that can be enjoyed by the whole family. Cycling after school or on the weekend is a great way to encourage kids to live an active lifestyle. It’s also a good opportunity to spend quality family time together, while having a workout. Next time you’re planning to visit the local shops, beach or park, why not get on your bike – it’s free and it’s fun.

Car commutes halve during RAC e-Bike Trial

It was clear from the photos and feedback our e-Bike Trial participants shared with us over the 10 weeks that they were enjoying their bikes.  It also seemed that many had a newfound, or re-ignited passion for cycling, which we thought was great!

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RAC Bike Insurance will keep you peddling

Cycling for transport, leisure, or even competitively is on the increase. In fact, 591,000 Western Australians cycle each week – that’s a lot of bikes!

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Students learn with Cycle Safe

Cycling is a popular recreational activity in Western Australia and offers another way for people to commute to work and for children to get to school. We believe it’s a great way to help tackle congestion and improve the health and wellbeing of our cities and towns.

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