Giving crash victims a lifeline

Allan Newbold has been a critical care paramedic with the RAC Rescue helicopter for more than nine years.

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New car review: 2016 Kia Optima GT

The Kia Optima was the car which began to turn people’s perceptions of South Korean cars upside down when it launched in 2011.

Here was an attractively styled, medium-sized sedan which was chock-full of features, well-made and priced about the same as a well-optioned small car, but boasting a seven-year warranty.

Caversham: first place for history

It’s been 70 years since the Victory Grand Prix at Caversham marked the beginning of an unforgettable era of motorsport in WA.

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Three rules for safe driving around trucks

Motorists should remember three simple rules to ensure a safer journey when sharing the road with heavy vehicles.

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Battle of the ages

Who do you think make more crash claims – older or younger drivers? We’ve looked into our at-fault insurance claims data to find the answer.