Sport plays a big role in the daily lives of many Western Australians and sporting clubs all over WA contribute to building the identity, resilience and spirit of their local community. Clubs support athletes as they strive for success and rally behind them in the face of hardship.

At the age of 17, Landsdale Netball Club player Taylah Parry was involved in a serious car crash when a young learner driver lost control of his car, hitting her and others. In order to save her life, doctors had to amputate Taylah’s left leg below the knee.

Taylah’s netball club wanted to support their long term member and contribute to her recovery. Fundraising efforts ensued and $8,000 was raised to buy gym equipment so some of Taylah’s rehabilitation could happen at home.

The Landsdale Netball Club was recognised for its efforts at the 2015 RAC WA Sports Star Awards, receiving the inaugural RAC Insurance Beyond Sport Award which acknowledges individuals and sporting clubs that go above and beyond.

Nominations for this year’s RAC WA Sports Star Awards are open and local clubs are encouraged to put forward nominations to their State Sporting body for consideration. For more information visit