Motorists should remember three simple rules to ensure a safer journey when sharing the road with heavy vehicles.

1. Blind spots
Truck drivers rely on their mirrors to see what’s behind and around them. Many heavy vehicles have a number of blind spots, making following vehicles difficult to see. Follow the rule that if you can’t see the mirrors on a heavy vehicle then the driver can’t see you.

2. Don’t cut in
Due to their size and weight, heavy vehicles have a much longer stopping distance than a passenger vehicle. To account for this, heavy vehicle drivers maintain a suitable distance between them and any vehicles in front. Avoid cutting in too close to the front of a heavy vehicle.

3. Don’t overtake a turning vehicle
As some trucks and heavy vehicles need to move into the lane adjacent to them in order to turn a corner, drivers following should not try to overtake while the vehicle is turning.

Mobile Education Centre 
To help educate motorists about safe driving around heavy vehicles, the Australian Trucking Association has developed a mobile education centre. The Safety Truck will be in WA during August and September at various venues and events and is supported by RAC’s Community Sponsorships program and hosted by Transafe WA.

For more information, visit and search for ‘Safety Truck’.