Our Community Education team talks to thousands of students every year about road safety. They use visual, factual and interactive learning activities to help teach students to become responsible road users.

Some of the resources our education officers use for workshops in primary schools were built by the Stirling Men’s Shed in Balcatta. The Men’s Shed volunteered their time and effort to make egg crash cars and ramps.

Mens Shed 2

Our education officers use these wooden cars and ramps, to show students the importance of wearing a seatbelt. The ‘eggsperiment’ involves strapping an egg into the car with a seatbelt before running the car down a ramp into a wall.

Students repeat the ‘eggsperiment’ a second time without fastening a seatbelt around the egg. It’s easy to guess what happens. The egg is thrown from the car and gets scrambled.

The Community Education team would like to extend their thanks to the Stirling Men’s Shed for building these amazing resources and giving back to WA for the better.