Sydney and Trish from Ellenbrook were the lucky winners of the second weekend getaway as part of the ‘Win a BMW’ competition for the RAC Electric Highway®. Whilst the competition is still open until 30 April, they got to test the BMW out for themselves in Busselton and surrounds, courtesy of RAC.

Day 1

As we left Perth, the weather was slightly drizzly but fortunately cleared up not long after leaving, allowing us to focus on the drive. We thought the car performed beautifully – very quiet and smooth!

Arriving at Mandurah, we set the car to charge while we went and had lunch.

On to Bunbury – it was very nice cruising down the highway! We found the charging station OK and plugged in for another quick charge while we had a coffee and walked around Bunbury. When charged, we continued to our night’s stay at Abbey Beach Resort. The room was very nice and very spacious.

We finished the night with a lovely dinner at the Resort with top service.

Day 2

After a very good breakfast at the Resort, we continued to Dunsborough to recharge. We then cruised the beaches – Canal Rocks was a highlight. It was quite spectacular!

We visited the Cape Naturaliste Lighthouse and climbed to the top for a very windy look out over the ocean.

By this time, there was a lot of interest in the car and people were asking us lots of questions about it, even a couple of young surfers!

We continued on to Seashells Yallingup where we had another very large room. At 6:30 we headed over to Caves Hotel, very close to the hotel, for a very nice meal indeed.

Day 3

We had a very good breakfast at the Caves Hotel before heading straight to Bunbury where we grabbed lunch and had a lovely walk along the waterfront while the car was charging.

All in all a very good trip! Thank you RAC.

For your chance to win a test drive, or your very own BMW i3 to take home visit