It was clear from the photos and feedback our e-Bike Trial participants shared with us over the 10 weeks that they were enjoying their bikes.  It also seemed that many had a newfound, or re-ignited passion for cycling, which we thought was great!

But what did their travel diaries tell us?

Well, having now crunched the data it’s brilliant to see how much the e-Bikes were used and what a difference the Trial made to our participant’s daily commutes.

Before the Trial 61% of their trips to and from work were made by car, either as a driver or passenger.  This almost halved during the Trial, to just 32% on average over the 10 weeks.

It’s really promising to see such a significant reduction in commuting trips made by car, with most of these trips being replaced by e-Bike trips.  Overall, 55% of all commuting trips over the 10 weeks were solely made by e-Bike and e-Bike usage remained consistently high from week-to-week.


In fact, over the 10 weeks our participants made 1,778 e-Bike trips!  Most were for commuting to and from work (81%) but almost a fifth (19%) were for other purposes such as for fitness, leisure and shopping.

83% of participants already owned a regular bike before applying to take part in the Trial but despite this only 45% cycled at least once a week for any purpose.  Given this, we believe the increase in cycling maintained throughout the Trial shows that e-Bikes can make cycling a more attractive and realistic option for more people!

Further information can be found on the RAC website and our recent media release.

Thanks to all of our e-Bikers for their enthusiasm throughout the 10-weeks!  And also to our partners – the City of Perth, City of Wanneroo and Your Move, North Metropolitan Area Health Service through Queen Elizabeth II Medical Centre Trust, and the University of Western Australia – for all of their contributions.