Sadly, Sunday 8 November marked the conclusion of our RAC e-Bike Trial but what a fantastic 10-weeks it’s been… and this is only just the beginning!

During the Trial our e-Bikers have been out and about all over the city enjoying their bikes for commuting and leisure, and it seems many of them now have a newfound, or re-ignited, passion for cycling that will live on following the Trial!  We think that’s brilliant!

One of our e-Bikers, Clare, told us:


“I really enjoy cycling and jumped at the chance to take part in the RAC e-Bike Trial.  After having been an avid cyclist some years ago it was a great opportunity to get back onto a bike.

During the trial I used the bike to ride to work and for local trips around the suburbs but mostly, I enjoyed taking it for long rides along the coast.  In the morning you get some spectacular views of the ocean, and can spot wildlife that is up early. 

I’ve found it a real freedom to have the e-bike.  With the power assist option I am more likely to go for a ride as I know that if I get tired it will give me that extra boost to get back up the hills on the way home.

I’m now cycling several times a week and do enjoy cycling to work when I can… it’s much more enjoyable than the freeway traffic!

I’ve really enjoyed participating in the trial and I’m grateful to have had the opportunity to try out an e-Bike, so much so that I’ve now purchased one!  I plan to continue riding it often during the week, especially now the weather is so nice in the mornings.”

– Clare, UWA

Throughout the last 10-weeks, our e-Bikers have been keeping track of their e-Bike usage and experiences and we’re now busy crunching the data from their travel diaries.

We look forward to sharing some of the outcomes shortly, and what’s next in maintaining the momentum of the Trial!

Thanks to all of our e-Bikers for their continued enthusiasm throughout the 10-weeks!  And also to our partners – the City of Perth, City of Wanneroo and Your Move, North Metropolitan Area Health Service through Queen Elizabeth II Medical Centre Trust, and the University of Western Australia – for all their contributions.