With almost 600,000 cyclists taking to WA’s streets and paths each week, cycling is certainly booming.  We think this is fantastic and it’d be great to see even more Western Australian’s cycling to and from work!

Cycling is good for us as it helps us to be more active, which is great for our health and wellbeing, and we can save money on our travel costs as well!  An increase in cycling also helps to reduce the number of cars on our roads.

For some of us though, cycling might not always seem that attractive due to time, distance or fitness constraints.  But, could electric bikes (or e-Bikes) make a difference? 

e-Bikes, which are bicycles with an electric motor, take some of the puff out of cycling…. helping the rider to travel further with less effort!

Through the RAC e-Bike Trial, 40 very enthusiastic participants from four different workplaces are trying out an e-Bike to see if it’s a travel option which could work for them.  They’re also helping us to understand how e-Bikes could help make cycling a more attractive and convenient option for more of us… and the bikes are proving to be a big hit!

Here’s what one of our e-Bikers had to say about her e-Bike and how it’s helped her to be more active:ebike trial rac wa

“I jumped at the chance to trial an e-bike when offered this opportunity through RAC, my employer and Your Move.  My husband and I have been considering buying e-bikes and this has been a great way to see how they go. 

I used to be a keen bushwalker but after a bad motorcycle crash two years ago I have trouble walking longer distances and have been looking for alternative ways to keep active and enjoy the outdoors.

I am riding every day I can, and only really bring the car into work when I have appointments or have to pick my grandchild up.

I love that you can take it easy when you’re feeling tired, and then exercise hard on the bike if you want a workout.

My colleague Zanya (who is also taking part in the Trial) and I have both joined ‘Strava’ and we have a bit of a competition going on cycling times for different sections of our route as we both travel the same way to work.

A lot of colleagues at the Wanneroo Community Centre have shown interest in how Zanya and I are going and if we’re enjoying the experience… which we are!

After seeing how much I am enjoying my e-bike my husband has also bought one and we go riding together.

We’re also looking forward to travelling around Australia in retirement and it’ll be good to have the e-bikes so we can leave the main vehicle set up and explore on our bikes.”

– Pam, City of Wanneroo

We’ve partnered with the City of Perth, City of Wanneroo, North Metropolitan Area Health Service through Queen Elizabeth II Medical Centre Trust, and the University of Western Australia to run this trial.  It’s also being supported by the Departments of Transport and Sport and Recreation through the Your Move program.

RAC is proud to be supporting Your Move, which helps members of our community to enjoy a more active and healthy lifestyle by making changes to the way they travel and how much physical activity they do.

Further information about the RAC e-Bike Trial can be found here