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Spend a little, save a lot – with RAC Rewards

For just $29, you could easily save $1000 a year on your usual grocery, fuel and gym membership purchases alone.* You’ll be amazed at what else is on offer too.

New car review: 2015 Subaru Outback 2.5i Premium

It’s been 20 years since the Subaru Outback was first launched in Australia, and to mark the occasion Subaru had a surprise for us when the latest one was launched last December.

The surprise had nothing to do with the car’s equipment, performance or appearance. It was the price.

The courage and community spirit of emergency volunteers

When emergencies arise in communities across the state, the women and men of the Volunteer Bush Fire Service (VBFS) are able to get help into the area quickly, with more than 26,000 volunteers spread across around 560 local brigades.

The service plays a key role in protecting lives and property in emergency situations, including bushfires and in helping with the invaluable and often overlooked clean-up operations that follow.

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Expecting a bundle of joy?

According to the Australian Institute of Health and Welfare, October has the highest percentage of births in Australia. What a coincidence that this particular month falls approximately 40 weeks after New Year’s Eve!

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Powering up electric bikes

New regulations now in force in WA will allow a class of electric bicycle known as electric power-assisted cycles (EPAC) to operate under the legislation covering other electric bikes and power-assisted pedal cycles (PAPC).

EPAC bicycles may operate at up to 250 watts power output, while all other power-assisted pedal cycles are limited to 200 watts. As with other electric bicycles, the higher output EPACs may be ridden on shared paths. A power-assisted pedal cycle is a bicycle with an auxiliary motor that provides assistance to the rider.

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