Many Australian drivers are buying cheaper budget tyres because they want to save money & think there is no risk.

The Australian Consumer Association conduct regular tyre reviews, published in choice and on which have included a warning to consumers that some tyres are potentially dangerous, if drivers need to brake quickly on a wet road. There is a real risk that they may not be able to avoid an accident with a vehicle or pedestrian in front.

Over the past 5 years, GT Radial tyres have been recommended by choice 5 times, including twice in 2014 and once in 2015, and each time GT Radial has been ranked first, or second, in wet braking performance out of 16+ tyre brands including more expensive brands.

To alert Australian drivers that there is a risk in choosing some budget tyre brands, GT Radial tyres were tested by a leading driver education organisation, in a controlled wet braking test witnessed by everyday Australian consumers. When braking from 100 kmph on a wet road, GT Radial tyres stopped 11 metres shorter, compared to a ‘budget’ tyre. GT Radial also stopped 1 metre shorter than a more expensive ‘premium’ tyre.

“I feel ashamed of myself to be honest because I went into my mechanic…and I went, “what’s the cheapest tyres you’ve got”? Put them onto my car please.”  – Female consumer aged 28 (mother of 3) who witnessed the wet braking tyre test.

While all tyres are black and round, and look somewhat similar, there are huge differences in their performance, cost and stopping distances on wet roads and highways, which could mean the difference between life and death if you need to stop quickly. Many cars travel at high speeds on highways so the message is real and relevant.

GT Radial have taken this message and started an advertising campaign on regional TV where there is more high speed driving resulting in road accidents and nationally with online videos. Millions of Australian families with children will become aware that they can improve their safety and reduce their risk on wet roads if they insist on GT Radial next time they need tyres.