Over two nights in August RAC DTEC took a group of hardy travellers on a bush tucker trek tackling 4WD tracks from Augusta to Busselton and learning how to cook incredible camp food.

With a base camp in Hamelin Bay, the group came together on Friday evening to be welcomed by our RAC DTEC tour guide, South West Manager, Keith Harraway and side-kick Andy McLeod, DTEC Training Team leader and 4WD aficionado.

With the trekkers choosing to camp under canvas they braved the chilly winter nights… while the DTEC crew snugged up in a cosy cabin in the Hamelin Bay Holiday Park!

The billy was on early on Saturday morning before a pre-drive briefing got underway. Key skills that would be covered during day one were focused around in-land mud tracks, power and hand winching, as well as environmental care within the Blackwood River region.

Phil Hutchison tagged along with us on the tour:

“I attended the trek with my son in law Shaun and we both thoroughly enjoyed the event ….. It had a good mix of different off road challenges.  Keith did a top job of addressing unexpected changes… It was great to learn new skills in a safe and relaxed environment. Shaun and I have done quite a bit of beach driving, but we still learned new things.  The non-beach components were great confidence builders and overall, the weekend was a great chance to safely explore the capabilities of our vehicles. We had a great time and thought it was excellent value given that there were two of us in the car.”

Arriving back at base camp it was time to unwind and get the campfire coals burning for the bush tucker demonstration by camp chef, Andy.  From delicious damper to camp oven stews, Andy demonstrated tips and tricks of cast iron camp ovens, as well as giving the history of this essential equipment.  Our intrepid explorers were also treated to a sample of roo, emu and crocodile, which was appreciated by all except those of a vegetarian persuasion.

After a good night’s sleep we packed up camp and headed along the coast to teach soft sand driving and recovery techniques. This involved plenty of hard work to dig out a few bogged vehicles along the way providing real life training scenarios.

Keith Harraway, DTEC South West Manager:

“It was great to put the participants into real life 4WD situations over the weekend. I really enjoyed showing them around this unique area along some lesser known tracks and beautiful scenery. As with all good plans, the unexpected did happen, but the group worked well together to get through unscathed.  It has really got me thinking about the possibilities for the next trip into the South West in 2016… perhaps when it’s a little warmer!

There are a number of remaining GET Series events for 2015 with places filling up fast.