For the first time ever, RAC has surveyed its Roadside Assistance Patrols, and asked them what they are seeing as the eyes and ears of Perth roads.

Their results have been compiled in to the first-ever RAC Roadside Assistance Patrol Survey Report, where Patrols have revealed what they know and what they see on WA roads.

RAC General Manager Motoring Mark Weller said the RAC Roadside Assistance Survey provided real insights about the quality of WA roads, congestion and issues facing drivers.

“At times during the year RAC Patrols will rescue someone every minute across Western Australia.,” says RAC General Manager Motoring Mark Weller.

“Last year our Patrols rescued over 400,000 stranded Western Australians.”

Results from the survey have also revealed that RAC Patrols have seen an increase in traffic congestion over the past year.

“Of the Patrols surveyed, 96% have seen an increase in congestion on the roads during peak times, with 43% seeing a decline in the quality of roads,” Mr Weller said.

“One of the most significant and startling discoveries was that 98% of Patrols surveyed said they had noticed an increase in unsafe driving behaviours including road rage, tailgating, speeding, running red lights and using electronic devices whilst driving.

“This poor driving behaviour was most commonly accredited to driver impatience and inattention in congested traffic.”

RAC is very concerned that 84% of RAC Patrols surveyed had been a victim of mild road rage with one third revealing they had been a victim of severe road rage.

Patrols also revealed some of the more unusual jobs they have been called out to, with some finding themselves in very bizarre situations.

“One time I received my job notification and it said ‘parrot stuck under car dash’,” says Patrol Peter Williams.

“I thought to myself is this a joke? And then I received a call, it was real. The member had rescued an injured parrot from the grille of their car, placed it on the front passenger seat and drove it to the vet.

“However during the car ride the parrot came to, and flew up under the dashboard and didn’t want to come out. So when I arrived I was greeted with ‘I have a parrot stuck in my car!”.

You can read the full RAC Patrol Survey Results Report on the RAC website.