Closed circuit television (CCTV) has become a powerful crime-prevention tool enabling positive identification of criminals and often a clear record of their crimes.

The wide uptake of CCTV systems by individuals, businesses and government agencies has created the opportunity for a database of systems that can be accessed to provide even greater protection for our community.

The WA state government’s CCTV strategy outlines how existing private and public CCTV systems can be harnessed and networked to enable wider surveillance of crime hot-spots.

As well as live feeds from organisations, the new strategy will enable individuals to register their residential CCTV systems and, when requested, to provide footage recorded by their cameras.

The new state CCTV strategy will replace the current CCTV register, named Blue Iris, and enable more efficient access to better data.

To find out more about the strategy visit WA Police. For more information about the benefits of CCTV in and around your home, call RAC Security on 1300 132 735.